Editing Mint Files

Mint programs are files that end with the extension .mint, and inside there will be Mint code written as plain text. Any editor is fine. At the moment only Notepad++ has a Mint syntax file, which is included with your download. Mint syntax highlighting for Vim, Emacs, Sublime, etc. will be available in the future but is not currently ready yet.

Installing the Syntax File (Notepad++)
This editor only runs on Windows, but has the advantage that the Mint.xml file (which should be in the root directory of your Mint language download) will give you syntax highlighting for Mint.

To enable Mint syntax highlighting in Notepad++, go to Language > Define Your Language... using the upper menu bar. Click on the Import... button and import Mint.xml.

If the Import... button does not work, or you cannot find it, do the following:
  1. Download a portable version of Notepad++.
  2. In the Notepad++ folder, delete the file userDefineLang.xml
  3. Put Mint.xml into the Notepad++ main folder.
  4. Rename Mint.xml to userDefineLang.xml
In the next lesson, we will start writing Mint code.

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